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The Viola Impression SportSkirt

$49.00 USD

Two things most of us as women love: a good romantic story and polka dots! Introducing the Ophelia and the Viola. Combining the tales of Shakespeare with design the MOD Fam loves. The tragedy of Hamlet introduces us to Ophelia. She is a character that embodies purity, loyalty, and love. The word “ophelia” means aid or help in the Greek which is a great goal for us ladies to reach to achieve in our lives. Then, we meet Viola in the romantic comedy of Twelfth Night. She is known for her intelligence, wit, and charm. What wonderful traits to be identified by!So what do these characters have to do with us? They are a representation of who we are as women. Just like a good Shakespeare play, we ladies can be dramatic, romantic, over the top, and sometimes hard to understand…but at the end of the day, we ALWAYS have a beautiful story to tell. The Ophelia and Viola showcase FABULOUS navy and white polka dots and are made to remind us of the amazing women that we are!