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The Holland

$55.00 USD

Description directly from ModSports:

Is there a better way to start Spring than by walking through gardens filled with thousands of blooming tulips? 🌷 Only if you add to that sipping lemonade on the terrace, walks on the sunshine beach, and long bike rides through breathtaking landscape. THIS is the Netherlands in the Spring.


The decision to name this flower festive skirt The Holland was not hard. As you look at the gorgeous blooms on this skirt’s luscious blue background, you can transport yourself to gardens filled with more flowers than you can count. That’s exactly what we want this SportSkirt to do…remind you of blooming life, relaxing Spring afternoons, and bring extra color to your day.






Regular 24" length | Tall 27" length

100% Polyester Fabric

One Panel design

Hidden tags

Zipper Pockets

Silky, lightweight, breathable fabric

Quick-drying material

Built-in shorts

100% opaque

Shrinking & wrinkle resistant

Easy-Care - Wash & dry like normal